History & Vision

LBB Industries ("LBB") was founded to support its management partners in the pursuit of a focused objective: growing and building companies over a long-term period of time.

Core Principles

Act As Owners: LBB is an owner who builds businesses for the long term, with significant personal capital committed by its founders. Our decisions as owners are guided by what will result in the best answer for long-term growth.

Think Long Term: LBB recognizes the need for long-term thinking to achieve extraordinary outcomes. To us, long term means decades, not years.

Partner With Exceptional Leaders: Leadership and culture are the bedrock upon which execution sits. LBB partners with outstanding operating leadership, and supports the creation of a meritocratic, performance-oriented culture.

Operate With Excellence: Operational excellence requires focus, as well as a bias to simplify and prioritize. Focus allows for domain expertise, deep engagement on key issues, and implementation of operational systems that are enablers of competitive success.

Grow & Acquire: Combining organic growth with a strategic acquisition program is a proven and powerful path to extraordinary results. LBB pursues a growth strategy that combines investments in organic growth opportunities and complementary acquisitions.

Re-invest & Compound: Compounded growth is a powerful force. LBB re-invests cash flow for growth for as long as attractive return on capital opportunities are available.

Experience & Role

LBB's founders have best-in-class investing and governance experience from decades of private investing, have invested across multiple sectors of the economy and understand how to work in partnership with management teams to drive business value.

LBB's team members are not operating managers, and do not seek to act as such. The businesses owned by LBB are led by their respective Chief Executive Officers and management teams. LBB serves at the Board level and is responsible for leading the acquisition growth programs of the companies, operating as a value-added partner that develops competitive insights, commercial networks, and business intelligence. Other areas of active engagement include strategic planning, capital structure, capital allocation, compensation and management incentive programs, and in partnership with the CEOs, development of the senior leadership team.